closed view of the personalized cootie catcher

you choose the style and words that are significant to your event

matching table tents guide your guests through the game

cootie catchers

A playful childhood game that will serve as an elegant keepsake and an easy way for your guests to get to know one another. The four outer corners are decorated with the couple’s names, monogram and wedding date. You personalize the interior with words that are significant to you and your loved ones. Inside guests will find different activities to do during the reception.

Personalized cootie catchers are also available in a full-color party format for children’s birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, reunions, etc. The ideas are endless.

If you would like to create multiple variations of the cootie catchers, say one for the bridesmaids and a second for the groomsmen, just select the additional cootie catcher. This variation allows you to keep the same look but with different words and messages inside. Keep your friends guessing at what the future of your event may bring.

Don’t forget to include a how to play table tent, which includes the names and table numbers on one side and the game directions on the other side.

Receive a personalized .pdf for your use of unlimited copies - $30 each
you will receive a file format via email like the complimentary christmas cootie catcher example below

complimentary christmas cootie catcher (.pdf: 437 kb)
song guide (.pdf: 19 kb)

$30 for personalized cootie catcher (.pdf) for your use of unlimited copies

$15 for how to play table tent (.pdf)
for your use of unlimited copies

$15 for additional cootie catchers (.pdf)
for your use of unlimited copies

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