a fun game for your guests

cootie catchers

send your guests soaring with a fun message

tiny kites

an open fortuneheart displays the quote tucked inside each heart


share the story of your engagement

little books

thoughts and favors for your special events

get a little organized

When I was a little girl, my mother would always say, "Everything has its place." Now she likes to remind me that she would try to force me to pick up my toys, but I never would. She is shocked that I spend so much of my time thinking and talking about organization AND actually doing it! more...

unique wedding favors

Details make the day! Why not have something fun to help celebrate and remind people of your special event. Depending on your crowd and how you plan to display your favors, I would recommend that you not buy a favor for everyone attending. Some people will not show, others won't pay attention and a few will forget to take it with them. But at the same time, there are always guests who love those fine details and will cherish them for years to come. With this in mind, there will be a little extra room in your budget to find something extra meaningful. Following are a few ideas that I have available at this time. I am always eager to brainstorm with you and come up with a creative new idea for your event.

how to write a thank you note

We received so many gifts for our wedding. We felt honored that so many people thought of us, but on the other hand, there were so many thank you notes to write. Weeks after the wedding, I would run into people who had received a thank you note. They were so complimentary about how personal the note was and it seemed to really mean a lot to them. In a time when we are moving away from the habit of letter writing and moving towards email, I thought that I would give you a brief summary of what I think makes a memorable and personal thank you note. more...

how to create a wedding program

A wedding program is something that is either overlooked or sometimes over-complicated. As a graphic designer, I knew that I wanted to make something that people would want to keep. But as the days grew closer to my wedding, I had to cut the ideal to-do list down to a more realistic one. One of the first things to go was a beautiful yet complicated handcrafted program. I have a great affinity for small handmade books, but an even greater love for sharing stories. I decided to opt for a simpler and less expensive route and spent more time thinking about what I would like to include in the program. more...


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